1 October 2016

When fragrance… is a part of the home!

When fragrance… is a part of the home!

In the evening there is nothing better than coming home, hugging the people you love and smelling that familiar smell: the smell of home!

To make this moment even more special, at L’Erbolario we have developed Fragrances for Scented Wood Sticks: very elegant bottles that are sophisticated ornaments for the home and also contain, like a precious treasure, an even more precious perfume.

By immersing the special rattan sticks, the fragrance is immediately released and, most importantly, lasts for a long time in the rooms, providing you with pleasant emotions.

How can you choose the Fragrance for Scented Wood Sticks that is most in tune with you?

If you love the fresh perfume of flowers and nature, we recommend Hydrangea, light and exquisite, Passion Fruit, seductive, Peonies, regal and feminine, Hedera, green, or Ombra di Tiglio, a warm embrace in the shade of a majestic friend.


fragrance for scented wood sticks ortensia hydrangea  081.509_1000  Fragranza_Peonie


If you love fragrances that are floral yet also powdery, then you just can’t do without Indian Jasmine, Iris and Camellia, so elegant and sophisticated!

But there are also people who can’t resist the invigorating charm of citrus and fruits: if you are one of them you can opt for the Citrus, Accordo Arancio, Legni Fruttati Fragrances for Wood Sticks; zesty and reviving, they are ideal when you go back home from work and want a healthy boost of energy!


Erbolario ederaErbolario citrus


On the other hand, the Ambraliquida and Dolcelisir Fragrances are fantastic for colder months: spicy, warm, amber-scented, a true snuggle of serenity and harmony…at ‘nose’s’ length!


Fragranza Ambraliquida  081.457_1000


And lastly, if you can’t get the scent of the sea out of your head, not even in winter, you can lull yourself with Fiore dell’Onda, as you wait until the next time you can dive into real waves again.


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